The Antoni Tivoli Pendant

In 1968 Ib Antoni designed this lamp after years of experimenting with shapes and researching within the technical aspects of lighting. The lamp is now reborn and is produced and assembled in Denmark.


The design of the lamp is heavily inspired by the small glass-domes created around the year 1900 that you can still find everywhere in the Tivoli Gardens.

The same year (1968) Ib Antoni immortalized the image of the lamp on the official and iconic jubilee poster in the occasion of Tivoli’s 125th anniversary, showing the charming bird couple, sitting on one of the old glass-domes in the Tivoli Gardens.

In 2016 Antoni Legacy formed a cooperation with Le Klint A/S (purveyor to the Royal Danish Court) to further develop the Antoni lamp with Le Klint A/S as producers and distributors.

The lamp was originally produced in cooperation with the Danish lighting company “Artela A/S”, and Ib Antoni named the lamp “CAN-CAN” leading the thoughts to the festive Parisian days, where the gas lamps created a romantic atmosphere on the boulevards and Montparnasse, while the painter Toulouse Lautrec and Moulin Rouge formed the epicenter of the French entertainment.

The lamp remains produced and hand-assembled in Denmark.


This special made anniversary edition is unique – each one with its’ own year engraved, and therefore only\nAvailable in a limited number; 176 items – one lamp for each of the years Tivoli has existed, from 1843 until 2018.

With colours carefully selected in cooperation with Tivoli’s colour-responsible, Thomas Winkler, and a light bulb chosen by Tivoli’s lighting designer, Jesper Kongshaug, the ”Antoni Tivoli” lamp stylishly represents Tivoli and Danish design. Thomas Winkler states: ”The colours are inspired by Tivoli and something as Danish as a cornflower in a cornfield ready for harvest. In Tivoli we know the blue colour from the peacock and the golden colour from The Pantomime Theatre for example.”

This model is called ”Antoni Tivoli – Tivoli’s 175th Anniversary” and in the box you will find an Ib Antoni notebook in A6 with Ib Antoni’s Tivoli-illustration, designed on the occasion of the Tivoli Garden’s 125th anniversary in 1968.

The lamp, the anniversary poster and all the other charming Antoni-Tivoli products can be bought in the shop ”Little Tivoli” in the Tivoli Gardens or right here.