Ib Antoni was an eager collaborator throughout his carrier and worked closely with
around 200 companies and organisations all over the world. He entered into several cooperations
with enterprises and brands, and created unique designs with strong and solid brands. Today Antoni Legacy continues this journey.


The Tivoli Gardens had a big place in Ib’s heart and therefore it is only natural that this Copenhagen pearl is a great pivotal point in many of his works.

Ib Antoni was a frequent guest in Tivoli and enjoyed a vast number of luncheons with friends and colleagues at his favourite restaurant in Copenhagen – “Grøften” (“The Ditch”) in Tivoli.

Throughout his entire life, The Tivoli Gardens were an enormous joy and source of inspiration, which we constantly find proof of in the examinations of the vast amount of original works in our possession. We therefore strive to do all that we can to maintain this bond in our brand, so that the rest of the world can take part in Ib’s and Tivoli’s love affair.

On the occasion of the The Gardens’ 175th anniversary Antoni Legacy joined forces with Tivoli to launch the charming jubilee poster and the elegant Antoni Tivoli lamp, both originally designed by Ib in 1968.


Antoni Legacy is proud of and truly pleased with the cooperation with Royal Court Supplier A.C. Perchs Thehandel. Together we have developed a series of tea tins with three of Ib Antoni's iconic figures. Each of the three tea tins contain a mixture adapted to the individual illustration.

For Antoni Legacy, A. C. Perch's Thehandel with their impressive history and development is a beacon and a great inspiration in our own development and distribution of Antoni's illustrations.

Their charming old shop in Kronprinsensgade in the heart of Copenhagen is always worth a visit - both for the palate and the visual impression. The beautiful shop looks almost like it did when it opened in 1835 and for Antoni Legacy it is wonderful to think of the fact that Ib Antoni's first studio and home in Copenhagen was just diagonally opposite A. C. Perch's Thehandel. Ib Antoni moved to Kronprinsensgade in 1952 and we of course assume that Ib Antoni has enjoyed the old tea trade, which already in the 1950s had more than 100 years of history behind it.


One day, two Danes who work with animations in California came by the then Antoni Legacy gallery in Gothersgade in Copenhagen. They put us in touch with Steve Small, the BAFTA-nominated director of Studio AKA, who happened to be an old fan of Antoni's works and together with him, three short animations have been developed, based on two of Ib Antoni's original motifs.

So for the first time ever, Antoni Legacy can - with permission from Tivoli - animate one of Tivoli's official anniversary posters and thus bring it to life.

The next animation was to be at least as charming and when working with this, Studio AKA had to develop a completely new animation technique. Studio AKA helped us send Antoni's Puffins on the most glorious little walk in their animation, based on Ib Antoni's original illustration from 1962.


We are thrilled about the cooperation with the brilliant Danish ceramist artist Anne Black. Together we have created two beautiful bowls and cups with Antoni's iconic Mermaid. The cup and the bowl can be put on top of each other in exactly the combination you wish.

Anne Black states the following about the cooperation...
“Ib Antoni’s illustrations are fireworks of storytelling, joy and fun, so it has been important, that the design of this set simply acts as a beautiful and simple frame, and not draws attention to itself. The design is based on a whole and a half circle, as well as cylinders and I have created a simple and functional set, where the illustration is the playful element.”