It is an enormous pleasure for us to finally be able to unveil our new collaboration!

In October 2021 Antoni Legacy met the fantastic team behind Roccamore and ever since then we have had the most wonderful butterflies in our stomachs!

In Antoni Legacy we dare to venture the claim that Ib Antoni is one of the greatest brand ambassadors The Little Mermaid has ever had.

He loved her dearly - and thought that we Danes should learn to be proud of her and what she represents.

Because The Little Mermaid is an icon. She represents courage, strength, hope and dreams.

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Ib Antoni and The Little Mermaid

Ib Antoni was dubbed "The National Illustrator of Denmark" because he helped 'draw' the picture of Denmark that the rest of the world now knows us.

Back in the '1960s Antoni was chosen as main the illustrator for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when they decided to put little Denmark on the world map.

And when Ib had to depict Denmark, he naturally chose The Little Mermaid as one of his main motifs.

Read here, what Antoni said in 1968:

"Why not the Little Mermaid? New York has its Statue of Liberty, London its Bobby, and Madrid its bull fighter. The Little Mermaid is and will ever be the best common denominator for Copenhagen. Without her, Copenhagen would be like [a pastry with no Danish, a government with no politicians], a beer with no Carlsberg, a pilsner with no Tuborg, a shot of aqua with no vit, Amalienborg Castle with no royal guard, a city with no life and a life with no tourists. Not acknowledging the Little Mermaid would simply be the greatest injustice Copenhagen has ever done."

Antoni & H. C. Andersen

Like H. C. Andersen, Antoni was a storyteller.

All they needed was a pen and a piece of paper - and out would jump fantastic figures that were not there before!

When Antoni passed away in 1973, there were two campaigns left on his drawing board, and one of them was a series he was creating for The Association of Danish Furniture Industries, including his drawing of H. C. Andersen.

Therefore, there was no doubt that the Roccamore x Antoni collaboration had to be launched at H. C. Andersen's House.