Cherry Heering

Ib Antoni had many exciting collaborations with customers from all over the world – such as Cherry Heering. Cherry Heering was founded in 1818 by Peter F Heering (1792-1875), who started as an herbalist and made Cherry Heering. The company became a supplier to the Danish, English, Swedish and Dutch courts and passed from father to son for several generations. Antoni’s relationship was with the third generation, Peter Heering (1908-1987) and Peter’s daughter, Rosemarie Heering (1942-1967).

In 1968, Cherry Heering celebrated their 150th anniversary, and in doing so, Ib Antoni was given the task of creating a beautiful book that Peter Heering could use as a gift for the company’s business associates around the world. The book, Merry Cherry, was to pay homage to the entire foundation of the company; The Cherry, and it became the most beautiful book; A fairy tale / goodnight story about the cherry that travels the world and the starling in love that follows right on the heels of the delicious cherry.

As Antoni Legacy is constantly working on cleaning Ib Antoni’s beautiful original drawings, one can never know when a new illustration from Antoni’s hand will see the light of day. But when the illustration is ready for reproduction, it is added to the collection on this page, both under Products, Illustrations and the client for which the illustration is designed. If you have a special interest in, or further knowledge about an Antoni-illustration or an Antoni-customer, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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