Merry Cherry

On the occasion of the Danish spirits manufacturer Cherry Heering's 150th anniversary in 1968, Peter F. Heering wanted to give a gift to his closest collaborators. Ib Antoni created the idea - a book that would pay homage to the focal point of Cherry Heering: The Cherry.

The story behind Merry Cherry

Antoni personally knew Peter Heering, the head of the Heering family and owner of Cherry Heering, who sold cherry wine to virtually every country in the world.

In connection with Cherry Heering's 150th anniversary Peter Heering wanted a beautiful book that paid homage to the entire foundation of the company; The cherry. The book was used as a gift for Peter Heering's business connections around the world. Therefore, the book has never been sold in regular shops.

Antoni created the the story itself and of course made all the book's illustrations - the text was written by Henning Nystad.

The story is about the cherry called Merry Cherry, who travels the world, always with the Starling on her heels, who is deeply in love with the charming and celebrated Cherry.

The fact that the book is made by / for Cherry Heering is a very understated detail in this book. It is made as a goodnight story, and made incredibly beautiful. A universal little fairy tale about unattainable love / hopeless infatuation that everyone - young and old - can relate to.

It is a coffee table book, printed on special paper, with extra gold colour in the print and a very beautiful book case. It is one of Antoni Legacy's great wishes to reprint the book in the same quality, with the case and all!