Ford Motor Company

Ib Antoni had many exciting collaborations with customers from all over the world – such as the Ford Motor Company. Ford was founded in 1903 and in the early years they produced only a few cars a day. But in 1908, the affordable Ford T was created, which brought great success to the company, that was now able to reach a new segment; the American middle class. The advantageous price was possible because Ford was the first automobile company to put cars into production on assembly line. From 12.5 hours spent on a car, it was suddenly possible to make in 2 hours and 40 minutes – and to increase productivity further, Ford ensured a doubling of the workers’ wages – and at the same time he was able to reduce their working hours to 8 hours a day. Wow! As early as 1919, Ford opened its first assembly plant in Heimsdalsgade in Nørrebro, and in 1924 it expanded to a much larger assembly plant in Sydhavnen, producing both Ford T, Ford A and later Ford models. In 1959, Ford Denmark was able to celebrate their 40th anniversary and for this, Ib Antoni had created a beautiful anniversary poster.

As Antoni Legacy is constantly working on cleaning Ib Antoni’s beautiful original drawings, one can never know when a new illustration from Antoni’s hand will see the light of day. But when the illustration is ready for reproduction, it is added to the collection on this page, both under Products, Illustrations and the client for which the illustration is designed. If you have a special interest in, or further knowledge of the illustration or the customer, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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