Coaster: Copenhagen Never Says Goodbye

kr. 79,00

In 1962 Ib Antoni helped create the most adorable little leaflet, “Copenhagen in Wintertime”, that was to help attract visitors to Copenhagen – also during wintertime. Alongside the illustration is the following text:

“Copenhagen never says goodbye. Parting with good friends is always sad. Packing up and leaving is never fun. But holidays too must come to an end. Alas, there is always the relentless reality of a return date on one’s ticket for the plane, train or ship. It’s time to go. The visitor, homeward bound and full of colourful impressions and fond memories, enthusiasm and gratitude, turns towards the cheerful city and murmurs a downcast: “Farewell.” But Copenhagen replies: “Till next time!”

Our coasters are made by hand in Öland in Sweden and are made out of birch veneer. They measure 9×9 cm, they can go in the dishwasher and they are safe to use in connection with food. The wood from which the coasters are made is FSC-certified and is therefore made from sustainable forestry.

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Dimensions 0,2 × 9 × 9 cm