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Illustration 018

This sweet illustration was made for The Tourist Association of Copenhagen (Wonderful Copenhagen) in the 1961.

The large and very service-minded hall portier is receiving the newly arrived and smiling tourists, that are celebrating their winter holiday in the delightful city of Copenhagen.

Naturally, the guests are guided to the many cultural and gastronomical offers of Copenhagen, and of course also a shopping spree on The Pedestrian Street (Strøget).

Together with the poster, the tourist association published a leaflet (in a circulation of 500,000 copies) in Danish, English and German, filled with Antoni’s drawings. The campaign was made to attract tourists – especially from Scandinavia, Germany and England to Copenhagen – also in the winter-time, outside the high season.

The text reads: “Gay Wintertime in Wonderful Copenhagen”. And on the hotel porter’s fine jacket, there are a number of Copenhagen’s offers for tourists: “Exhibitions, shopping, ballet, restaurants, Conventions, Museums, Concerts and night life”.

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