The Rooster & The Hasselblad

Illustration 091

This beautiful illustration was made in 1970 for the famous photographer, writer and baroness, Sonia Varvara Hasselbalch, in the occasion of Varvara’s exhibition “Portugal – Seen by Varvara at Charlottenborg at Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen.

Ib Antoni knew Varvara personally and on the exhibition poster he drew Portugal’s most famous symbol; “Galo de Barcelos” – The Rooster of Barcelos, that everyone should have in their home to bring luck.

The rooster symbolises honesty, integrity and trust – and Ib Antoni chose to merge the beautiful rooster with Varvara’s camera, that was oddly called Hasselblad – very close to her own last name, Hasselbalch.

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