Cirkus Schumann

Ib Antoni had many exciting collaborations with customers from all over the world – such as Cirkus Schumann. In 1881, the family’s ancestor, Gotthold Schumann, performed for the first time in Copenhagen in the Panorama building. The family’s eldest son, Max, took over the circus in 1896 and made it one of leading circuses in Europe, but World War I broke out and Max had to stop the business. His three sons, Willy, Ernst and Oscar, established “The Circus Brothers Schumann”. In 1936, Oscar’s son Albert, a very skilled horse trainer, joined the board and he actually married Pauline Schumann, daughter of Charlie Rivel. Pauline added a new touch to the performances with elegant costumes and trainings the horses in liberty, which was called “Schumannship”. Circus M. Schumann ceased in 1982, but the Schumann family is still in business with the 5th generation, Benny Schumann. The iconic illustration of the howling clown was Ib Antoni’s own favourite poster. He drew so many beautiful sketches for the poster – some say it was because he was very much in love with the young Pauline.

As Antoni Legacy is constantly working on cleaning Ib Antoni’s beautiful original drawings, one can never know when a new illustration from Antoni’s hand will see the light of day. But when the illustration is ready for reproduction, it is added to the collection on this page, both under Products, Illustrations and the client for which the illustration is designed. If you have a special interest in, or further knowledge about an Antoni-illustration or an Antoni-customer, you are more than welcome to contact us..

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