Exclusive print: The Bartender

kr. 475,00kr. 1.675,00

With the imagination of Ib Antoni, a sentry box can easily be transformed into a red telephone box. Here, the polite Royal Life Guard borrows his sentry box to the businessman, who can now phone home to say… Read more.

All of our custom prints are made in Denmark and they are produced on FSC-certified paper. A custom print is only printed one at a time and cut out by hand, which makes it possible to order a motive, that we do not have in our permanent product line. The surface of the print is exclusive and the colours stand out very clearly and beautifully. Please note that there may be a delivery time of up to 10 days on custom prints and as a custom print is only produced as a unique order, these can not be returned/exchanged. Remember to read the special conditions that apply when ordering custom prints under our Terms and Conditions.