The Octopus

Illustration 049

This illustration was made aorund 1963/64 for the iconic American magazine, Time LIFE Magazine, as a part of an extensive series of billboards, that Antoni was hired to create during his employment at the legendary advertising agency on Madison Avenue, Young & Rubicam.

Antoni was hired at Young & Rubicam very shortly after his arrival in New York in 1956 – just 27 years old. Antoni worked for Y&R up until the mid 1960s, so he was actually employed at Y&R at the same time as Draper Daniels, the real person behind the fictional protagonist Don Draper in the hit series Mad Men from 2007. Mad Men portrays the colorful American advertising industry in the period 1960 to 1970.

Here you can see the sweet Octopus, reaching out with his many arms, while the fish curiously swims by to hear, what is new. The text goes; “Reach an audience of 32 million people each week – sell them with (advertised in) LIFE“.

This illustration was created around 1963/64 for Time LIFE Magazine.

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