The Mouse & The Elephant

Illustration 154

This beautiful illustration was drawn in the mid/late 1960s for The Dutch Dairy Association (NZO).

The boy, who was something of a folk hero in The Netherlands, was called Joris Driepinter and was so strong, because he drank the 3 recommended pints of milk a day (hence “Driepinter” – “three pints”).

The strong and happy Joris holds a giant pink elephant in his right hand and 3 glasses of milk in his left while the mouse stands in amazement and looks at the scenery.

The illustration is part of a very large and very comprehensive campaign with many different posters and ads in several different languages, showing a lot of “situations” that Joris Driepinter saves.

The collaboration with The Dutch Dairy Association (NZO), also created a series of cute cartoons with Joris Driepinter, which was first shown on Dutch TV in 1967. These can be found on Youtube.

This illustration was made in the mid/late 1960s for The Dutch Dairy Association (NZO).

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