The Little Mermaid in all Seasons

Illustration 168

This beautiful illustration is probably originally a sketch drawn in the preliminary studies in the making of the iconic illustration “The Little Mermaid & The Tourist”, which Ib Antoni was commissioned to do by The Tourist Association of Copenhagen (Wonderful Copenhagen) in 1963.

The occasion was her 50th anniversary of the sculpture of The Little Mermaid on Langelinie in Copenhagen. On purpose, Ib Antoni has drawn The Little Mermaid very large in comparison to the smiling tourist, maybe to emphasize how big she is in the eyes of the visiting tourists.

Here, Ib Antoni has dressed the Mermaid of Denmark in clothes befitting of all the beautiful 4 seasons, and on her head a sweet bird has put its nest – in genuine Antoni style. Ib Antoni once stated to a Danish newspaper: “New York has the Statue of Liberty and London has the Bobby. The Little Mermaid is and will always be the best symbol of Copenhagen”.

This illustration was made in 1963 for The Tourist Association of Copenhagen (Wonderful Copenhagen).

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