The Christmas Birds

Illustration 114

This sweet illustration was made in 1964 for Neiman-Marcus, the exclusive American department store, housing many prominent quests.

The department store was founded in Dallas, Texas, in 1907 and later on opened approximately 30 stores in other American states.

Here we see the sweet Santa, who has let his beard grow longer this Christmas, so the lovely little birds can use it is a slide. He has put on colourful clothes – and so have the birds – because it’s Christmas and that should be celebrated! Later in his career, Ib Antoni drew another Christmas illustration; “Christmas Fashion”, which was used as the cover of one of Neiman-Marcus‘ legendary Christmas magazines.

This illustration was the cover of the department store’s legendary Christmas Catalogue, which came out every year. This Antoni drawing was the cover of the 1964 issue.

This illustration was made in 1964 for Neiman-Marcus.

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