Royal Guard with Flower Cannon (no text)

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In 1961 Ib Antoni drew one of his most famous works, which was an assignment for The Tourist Association of Copenhagen (Wonderful Copenhagen).

The smiling Danish Royal Life Guard draws the cannon loaded with flowers instead of cannon balls. In the traditional bearskin four chicks are calling for their mother, who is landing on the baton, ready to feed her young ones.

This illustration with the “spring guard” was the first in the series of four season-posters that Ib Antoni drew for the tourist association. The purpose with the series, was to attract tourist to the Danish capitol all year around.

So the first edition of this poster actually had the lovely text; “Springtime in Wonderful Copenhagen” written in the royal guard’s bearskin hat.

Already in 1962 this illustration had been printed in 10 different languages and 100.000 copies.

Ib Antoni never had children, but was very close to his brother, Jørgen, whose four children and wife are represented as the birds in this illustration.

Through many years Jørgen and Ib worked closely together, as Jørgen was an advertising consultant and often acted as the contact person between Ib and the many customers he worked for.

The illustration has been frequently used both by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and of course by The Tourist Association of Copenhagen (Wonderful Copenhagen).

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