Royal Guard & Boy (no text)

Illustration 167

This cute illustration was originally made for The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in connection with the “Danish week”-event “Dänemark Grüsst Düsseldorf” in May 1970 in the capital of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf.

Here it’s tradition that the boys “turn cartwheels” on the sidewalks in the old part of the town. Originally, the boys waited as a fee to get a single pfenning, but today probably a little bit more.

The poster was presented at a press conference in Copenhagen, where the first Düsseldorfers who saw the poster, nodded in recognition of Antoni’s portrayal of their famous city children.

As a rule, the Danish Royal Life Guards are trained to stand still, look straight ahead and not interact with the passing people. But this sweet guard happily participates in the sweet tradition of the düsseldorfers.

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