Pixies on Ice

Illustration 120

When you have to bring a lot of presents during Christmas time, it’s very clever with a skate, that you can stay warm in – and that at the same time can bring you where you need to go faster than ever before!

This wonderful illustration is a part of the larger Anva illustration, the beautiful Antoni’s Christmas pattern made by Antoni, that was originally made for giftwrapping paper for the deprtment store Anva, situated in the old Scala-building opposite of the main entrance of the beautiful Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

Anva was established in 1950 by two of Antoni’s Danish clients; FDB (The Joint Society of Denmark’s Co-operative Societies) and Hovedstadens Brugsforening (translated: The co-operative society of the Capital) and it closed in 1987.

This illustration was made for Anva.

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