Hygge (Version 2)

Illustration 191

This lovely collage is just a little extract of all the wonderful characters Ib Antoni has made through time, that embrace the Danish term Hygge.

A couple in love is sitting on a bench, holding eachother, enjoying the moment. A man is sitting at a café reading the latest newspaper and drinking a lovely glass of wine, while a couple of friends are meeting over a cup of tea and talk about life on their balcony.

A musician playing the double-bass touches a string while smelling to a flower, and besides him two happy children are swinging while eating delicious chocolate bars. A man has just returned home and has brought a bouquet of flowers for his wife – he is flying because her food smells so delicious and because he is so in love.

What can you find of other details on this illustration and what is Hygge to you?

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