Charlie Rivel

Illustration 030

This illustration was drawn in 1967 for Circus Schumann and the world-famous clown, Charlie Rivel.

Antoni has drawn the popular clown in his famous pose, howling like a wolf.

In the preliminary studies for this work, which was also the case in many of his other projects, Ib Antoni made up to 100 sketches before he was satisfied.

A small – but not indifferent – detail about this illustration is, that Ib Antoni was very fond of Charlie Rivel’s daughter, Paulina, who was a real genuine circus princess (she was married into the Schumann circus family in 1946). So with the many sketches, the artist had a good excuse to come and visit the circus family with the beautiful daughter.

It is also worth mentioning that Antoni on several occasions in interviews expressed, that the Charlie Rivel illustration was his own favorite.

This illustration was made for Circus Schumann in 1967.

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