Business & Pleasure (Copenhagen)

Illustration 020

With the imagination of Ib Antoni, a sentry box can easily be transformed into a red telephone box.

Here, the polite Royal Life Guard borrows his sentry box to the businessman, who can now phone home to say, that he will be staying a little while longer in the delightful city of Copenhagen.

This illustration was made for The Tourist Association of Copenhagen (Wonderful Copenhagen) in 1965 to attract both businessmen and businesses to Copenhagen, and at the same time unveil to the visitors, how pleasurable a time one can have, while working in the beautiful capital of Denmark.

However, the motive was to become such a popular illustration, that it was also widely used by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. with the text; “Business is Pleasure in Denmark”.

This illustration was made in 1965 for The Tourist Association of Copenhagen (Wonderful Copenhagen).

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